Wishing all a late Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! It’s New Years Eve here in Malaysia, so I’d just like to wish my fellow LOTRO players around the globe in advance. I know I’ve been AFB ( away from blog ) for a long time, but in no way have I been away from LOTRO. I have been playing since the last post, through Rohan, through Update 9 and have been having a blast, but just could not tear myself away from the game to write about my experiences yet. I can tell you that I have 3 draft posts that at this point will not be seeing the light of day. I had been writing up long reviews about the new expansion, but it didn’t seem enough for me, considering at the time the instance cluster wasn’t released. So I thought I’d write my review about mounted combat sometime soon into the new year since I’ve had months to play around with it now.

Rare sight : A concert on the Riddermark

Adhrean atop his Yule decorated War Steed

Adhrean atop his Yule decorated War Steed

All decked out for Christmas

Besides that, there have been a lot that’s been going on in LOTRO for me. I am loving some of the new changes that have been implemented with the expansion and Update 9. However, there were many negatives, like the Store and the Yule Festival, but more on that in another post. My kinship, Black Veil Mercenaries is seeing an influx of casual and serious players which is great. It pleases me even more that the majority of them are Malaysians! Hoorah my fellow countrymen, it’s always nice to have a bunch of us on that share the same time zones. I would definitely like to see more of you out there join us, we’re definitely going places! The kin has been running a lot of the new instances, the new 3-mans, 6-manning 12 person skraids for symbols and other loot, and just grouping up and having fun with Rohan and War-Bands. It really has been a blast.

I guess that’s what it has been all about really, having fun. And for the most part, the second half of 2012 in LOTRO has been exactly that. Hoping everyone in game had a good holiday season, and see you all soon. Oh, I’m going to be churning out posts now, so keep your eyes here whenever you can. =) Thanks to all who’ve read the blog, cheers.

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