Mid-Autumn Luck

Finally! After a year of trying I have at long last obtained the Skeleton Steed from the Haunted Burrow’s Secret Treasure Chest! Another monkey off my back. Last year I remember logging in daily for a solid fortnight on a bunch of alts, hoping to pick it up by some chance. This year’s Fall Fest has been much kinder to me. I’ve only visited the Burrow 3-4 times and I picked up the steed on one of my newer alts, Belki Blackbeard who is a Guardian. I so wished I had picked it up on my main Champ, Adhrean as he is the steed collector for me, with over 60 steeds so far. He has though gotten two new mounts from the treasure hunt even and the Fall Fest respectively. I’m really liking the whole Pretzel theme that is going on here and I hope more fun stuff would come out from Turbine in the following fests.

Belki Blackbeard on his new Skeleton Steed! /cheer

Harvestbrew Steed

Harvestbrew Goat

It’s been a good week for mounts I reckon. Loving the mid-autumn fest luck that’s shining down on me heh. And for those who don’t know, last Sunday was the Mid-Autumn/Mooncake Festival/Lantern festival for fellow Chinese players worldwide. So happy belated celebrations my oriental friends!

Now, I can’t wait for my Warsteed!

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