I Never Knew You Could Pause Lotro.

Managed to clog in a decent amount of Lotro time before it decided to ‘pause’. We were stuck in place with a massive lag which lasted for at least 5 whole minutes. We soon found out that it wasn’t just the Riddermark, but a server-wide issue. There were a ton of unhappy people ; 12 people who were a minute away from beating Saruman T2 for the first time were wiped and thus did not manage to complete the raid for the deeds. Many other incidents as such were starting to pour out from the chat channels and I feel sorry for you folks. I wonder what was causing it. All I had to do was re-log in to get rid of it, but now I have been kicked out completely which is why I’m here cooking up a post. I wonder if this has something to do with the Farmer’s Faire? Well if that’s the case then it’s alright, will be waiting to see what it’s all about later when I log back in. If I can log back in.

So what brought me to play Lotro today was the decision to purchase the Legendary Edition of Riders of Rohan. Impulsive decision, yes, but at the same time the prospect of everything Rohan just hit me at such velocity that I just had to give in. I was also tempted to give the horse session play a go. 2k Turbine points was a nice touch, considering at the start none was offered. Kudos to Turbine for listening to the community there. The Outriders Token is a nice addition, alongside the Crystal and cosmetics. Can’t wait to get back in game and level my Cappy up to 75 then, as I want to keep my options of which toon take into Rohan first, open.

Steed of the Eastemnet

If you have been following this blog for some time, you probably know already that I’m addicted to steeds in this game. And this one looks to be by far the best looking steed of 2012 for me. Great to be adding this to my collection. And knowing that the skin of this steed will be available for the War Steed is a bonus. The accompanying Eastemnet armor on my Champ Adhrean as shown below is also a thing of beauty.

So with that, I know from now till September the 5th, I’ll be grinding in style. Till the next post, cheerios.

UPDATE: Contains Moderate Peril has posted a summary of the reports since Lotro was shut down earlier today. Read about it here. It looks to me, like we’re under attack…

COUNTER UPDATE: As of right now GMT +8 (6.40PM) the Lotro servers are back in business.

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