The Legendary Item System – In Need Of A Revamp?

The Legendary Weapon system has come under severe flak lately from a good chunk of the community. With the new expansion taking us into Rohan later this year, many have expected some form of change to the system to give it a lift from the usual ‘grind’ as it has come to be known as by players, including myself. So here are my thoughts about the LI System and what can be done to improve it.

The LI System was first introduced in 2008 with the Mines of Moria expansion. I wasn’t playing LOTRO back then but can only assume that the system was very welcomed. A weapon with better damage output and skill legacies that is unrivaled by any other crafted or instance loot drop in the game would make players feel powerful. I know I would. Plus, the weapons become personalized with the player. Names, choices of legacies, it truly was a representation of your character in a weapon. Fast forward 4 years later, I’m just going to put it out here, it’s getting old. Very old. One of the first few problems I found with the LI was after the launch of last year’s Rise of Isengard. With the level cap raised from 65 to 75, the race was on, to equip myself with a better legendary weapon that I already had. Two stumbling blocks here.

1. Having been 65 for ages, I was so attached to my level 65 second-ager. Why could I not keep the weapon, it’s look, it’s name, it’s legacies and just get a scroll to level it up? Of course, wishful thinking back then, I’m over it now but hey it’s a thought. (DPS changes in the new region was much higher and it made sense to part ways with your beloved 65 weapons)

2. On the journey to 75, everytime I pick up a decent looking weapon to level it up and to call it my own, a few hours later a better one shows up around the same level, and I’m stumped again because I’ve invested points and scrolls and relics into the previous weapon. Really!?. This has always been the case on both my 75 toons.

Another problem I want to point out is..relic forging. Nevermind, forget it. Thinking about it makes me gaga. There must be something Turbine can do to improve this system before ROR releases in September, and we all have to go through the same rat race all over again. Sure the crystals were nice and all and I feel sorry for players who has already used them. I’m holding on to mine till I get a level 85 weapon, because lets face it, players like me won’t stop picking up LI weapons until we find one at end-game and it’s pointless to pick up another unless it’s really necessary.

So Turbine, my suggestions to reduce this grind. Firstly, reduce the cost of relics. It is a pain in the ass currently and is the cause for all the grind-whine. Secondly, come ROR it would be a good idea to reduce trash LI drops and replace them with substantial ones of higher quality that would make us think twice before investing in them. Not sure if that made sense. Anyway, in conclusion, I’d also be happy just to see the LI system go away. Really would.

And if I hear anything that says the War Horse uses a version similar to the LI system… I’m coming to Boston, with a rattan caning stick.


8 responses to “The Legendary Item System – In Need Of A Revamp?

  1. What a great article!

    I would like to raise a few point, if I may. Firstly, I agree that the way we advance Legendary Items are rather bad. Anything that you end up tossing away, and that drops so frequently, cannot by definition be Legendary. Here, we come back to the example of Frodo deconstructing Sting or Aragorn deconstructing his weapon because he found something better. It’s ludicrous, but it was a problem that was created from the very beginning of this system. The last revamp we had did nothing to address this issue. Indeed, Turbine seems uninterested in addressing this particular issue as it would mean scraping the system as it stands in its entirety.

    A decent LI system would involve something more along the lines of Skirmish Soldier traits, where you can earn points to increase those traits you want. This system would be more limited than the current LI system, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. There are certain traits that would seem indicative for each class and weapon type, such as increased AOE damage for a Champion’s weapon. As it stands now, there’s so much choice that getting legacies you actually want on your weapon is a crapshoot. You can deconstruct more LIs to get those legacies that you want, but doing so effectively cripples your weapon as the new legacy starts out at a lower tier and takes more points to become effective. For that matter, just doing away with legacy tier altogether would help the system tremendously. But they want people to continue grinding as it drives forward the notion that players need to keep repeating content in order to do so, rather than repeating content because it’s fun.

    As for Relics, that’s a money sink. No more, no less. We’ve reached a point in the game where in-game currency is laughably easy to obtain, making money sinks a necessity. It also doesn’t help that there’s this mindset among some players (not all, but some) that because a relic is a higher tier it is better for your build. Which isn’t necessarily true. If you have a tier 8 relic with the wrong stats for your build and a tier 3 relic with better stats, you’re better off slotting the tier 3 relic. At least until you can get a relic from Tier 8 that is actually useful. Relic melding also seems to be ineffective as a means of advancement, as the costs to do so are enormous compared to the amount of shards most players can gain or even care to try to gain.

    And then we have the LOTRO Store, which allows you to sidestep the whole process altogether. While I don’t have any animosity toward the Store in this regard, this is one of the few things on there that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Thanks for your reply Bryandt, always appreciated and my apologies for the late reply.

      We’re very much on the same page here. I think making the system similar to that of the Skirmish Soldier is a good idea. It’s an easier way to build the weapon you want without the hassle of the current system. And I definitely find Store LI enhancers like buying relics and stuff is very de-couraging for most of us.

      Here’s to hoping that we’ll see some improvement if not know, then in the foreseeable future. Cheers

  2. I agree with the most parts. The other thing next to the major grind is that it’s very confusing to newer players. So you have a weapon, but there are so many legacies that sometimes people feel overwhelmed. You have tanking legacies for a guardian, but also Overpower ones (using a two handed weapon), but the confusing part is that overpower legacies appear on one handed weapons as well. And then you also have a legendary belt for support legacies. So you need to level an overpower belt and a tanking one. Plus the stat changes causing additional confusion.

    It’s like doing your taxes or finances, but with a weapon and if you aren’t careful you’re spending a lot of time re-leveling a weapon after the points reset by accident on a reforge. It’s not fun, it’s a nuisance. I know people who stopped playing the game because they were forced into the system and just want to play instead of calculate.

    I agree with Bryandt, with the drop rate of these weapons in game, you can hardly call the ‘unique’ weapon you have ‘legendary’. It’s not. Unfortunately, we can’t change the system since it became a core mechanic. I heard you can ‘level’ your mounted combat horse in the same way. I am already stocking up Prozac in anticipation. Yikes!

    • Thanks for your reply Inge, always appreciated and my apologies for the late reply.

      I share your sentiment about the LI system being confusing to new players that have just reached that level. I know it though experience. Was it not for my Kin members who talked me through the process of levelling a weapon to the point of reconstruction + the addinh/crafting of runes and relic, I would have been left in the dark, foraging for info on forums and guides online. They need to have a better tutorial system for it, or better yet, re do the entire thing! 😉

      Yes sadly I’ve heard the same thing regarding the War Steeds. Fingers crossed, it won’t be as bad. Cheers

  3. Yes, something needs to be done with the LI system. It was originally introduced as “the weapon that will level with you” which it has never been. I find it strange that everywhere i look i find legendary items. How many of these Legendary Weapons were made? It seems every other mob has one. Those elves must have been VERY busy back in the day. 😛

    • Thanks for your reply Rue, always appreciated and my apologies for the late reply.

      Either that, or mobs are running around with ‘fakes’. 😉 Either way I understand that they scattered tons within the game because of the amount of classes/players but it still leaves a sour taste. I guess time will tell if the System will be modified. From what I’m hearing, we are in the minority as most players don’t seem to think the LI system is bad. Oh well. :/

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