Spring Springy Spring!

The Spring Festival is now live.  I’ve just logged in and headed straight away to Hengstacer’s Farm to check out my new ride that awaits me. Here it is…

Introducing the Simbelmyne Steed! A beauty isn’t she? Costs 2 Spring Race Tokens, and a whooping 40 Spring leaves, plus the compulsory Document of Mount Ownership. This seems to be the ‘price’ trend for all the new horses in the Festivals and it seems a little bit expensive to me. But no matter, 40 Spring Leaves is an achievable target especially with all the quests, games and races available. Where you ask? Why the horse races can be found in the Horse Fields/Bree festival grounds, south of Hengstacer’s Farm in Bree Land while the other is in the Shire, just slightly south east from the Michel Delving stable.  General festival areas are in Thorin’s Ale Hall, The Party Tree in Hobbiton, Duillond in Ered Luin and of course, the Bree festival grounds. So if you have your eyes set on the mount, cosmetics or the new consumables etc, start chipping away at the festival content to get your leaves folks! I’m off to get mine..

Edit* 45 minutes later…….

Adhrean is a phreak. Probably stole the horse.

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