Smexy And I Know It

I am becoming somewhat of a perfectionist on my Champion, Adhrean. Virtues might not be important to some, but I personally find that it gives me that extra boost when it matters. Plus, who can complain about the Turbine Points earned from deed grinding? Furthermore, if you run a lot of PUG raid content, expect raid leaders to inspect you and if they see fit question you on why your virtues are low etc.

I’ve taken a good part of a week ( with the help of Slayer Deed Accelerators ) to get my Zeal and Discipline up to 13 from 9. Another week and I should cap it. As for my Virtue line-up, I just survive a lot better. While most of that is down to the gear I’ve got on, as mentioned earlier, these Virtues offers the added boosts.

On the other hand, my Class trait line-up changes all the time. The current one you see above is my ‘Moors and Limlight Daily set up. In Fervour, I still dish out the desired damaged and since I have the Flurry Of Blows traited, Flurry is always active in Fervour. Helpful in a DPS race. I can also insta-switch to Glory when the going gets tough, or when there’s lack of a tank while running the Limlight Dailies. For Glory, I’ve got Reprisal traited, which toggles the Exchange of Blows on for as long as I’m in Glory. This is important for the Champ, reflecting blows is always a win. But that’s just me. 😉 If you have your own set of traits and virtues that works for you, stick to it! But don’t be afraid to mix, match and explore.

This has been a feel good post. Hehe. Cheers all.

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