WTB Game Time PST

Busy Busy Busy! Work Work Work. University is killing my freedom for Lotro, and nowadays I desperately try to make time for it but to no avail, save I forsake my assignments on weekends which I happily do without question to level my Captain Haffleheim.

Speaking of him, I cannot believe that I had cast him aside since his creation in April 2011 to level Dagenath instead. Almost a full year later, I have now taken Haff out of the closet and levelled him to 60 and he is almost done questing in the long dark of Moria, and about to hit the sunshine in Lothlorien too. Joy! I’ve been playing for a solid week or two, and slowly I start to see why Captains are highly sought after in-end game. Levelling him from 30 to 40 was definitely a slow process, as he only had two decent melee DPS attacks, and a further two more that opens up after a battle-shout, which was on cooldown for 45 seconds at the least. So you can imagine, taking down scores of mobs on my Cappy is a time consuming process, compared to a Champ who would shing-shing all the way to the grey havens and be done with it in seconds. I stuck with the program nonetheless, and with each level gained I start to get into a skill rotation groove, learn to use my Cappy Marks and Banners to fasten my damage output and most importantly learned to leave my heralds alone. For now.

The one thing I’ve noticed that helps me level fast and smoothly is the guild crafted gear. The Captain is definitely reliant on good on-level gear if you want to take on on-level content or a few levels higher. From levels 41 till 51, I have been crafting the guild set which is in my opinion, one of the best around in terms of stats. Other gear rewards are also decent along the way, especially in Moria and you could get them from quests or barter some nice ones from the reputation vendors ( Iron Garrison Guards and Miners). Once you hit 58, start running Moria instances. With Haff, I immedeately starting running The Grand Stairs daily for the Moria Medallions which in return I used to barter at the Captain trainer in the 21st Hall for the Cappy’s Hall General Armour set. These moria sets are excellent, and I know they will last till the early 70s.

And with that, I shall end this post and hope for brighter days on my cappy. It’s definitely a fun class and I can’t wait to utilize him as and end-game handyman in raid groups. Till the next post, cheers.

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