23rd March : A Year of LOTRO

I would have posted this sooner but alas, university assignments has kept me away. But straight to the point it is!

A new milestone has been reached, 23rd of March saw me hit a year in Lotro.  I have come full circle! And what a great year it has been in game for me. The friends, the achievements, the sleepless nights and panda eyes. It was all worth it. So to celebrate , I decided it was time to go VIP. I’ve been eyeing an account upgrade since June/July 2011 but decided to wait a little longer, to see for myself if Premium would suffice. And to be honest it did, but I now find myself favoring the VIP benefits ; 500 TP per month, Swift Travel, Shared Wardrobe, +20 Auction House slots, PVMP Freep side, and free content, which was important considering I would like to take my up and coming alts to level in different regions instead of the same old. I never bought Angmar or Forochel, so this would be a good chance to finally quest there for a change. One of the major convincing factors was the two additional character slots which would allow me to complete my army of crafting minions. Hence, I settled for the special 3-month subscription plan, which costs me RM90. Whether I decide to continue the plan after my three months is up will be solely down to how much I’m able to accomplish within the time and if i’m satisfied with it. Woot.  So with that said, meet my new toons!

First up, here’s Aldun, my Minstrel/Tinker from the Lonely Mountain.

Aldun son of Aldref

Meet Alister. Can’t tell you where or what family he’s from, cause he’s a super ninja Burglar/Yeomen.

Alister Black

My new short term goal for now is to get them to 20, acquire the riding skill, then get them into their respective crafting guilds. May the Valar grant me with more playing time.

Other things I’ve been working on in game since  VIP has been minimal at best, but it revolves around my Captain Haffleheim and the Warden Dagenath. The Great River region is where Dagenath is at currently, and I’m definitely enjoying it. Well done, Turbine. And that’s that, I’m hoping to get back in game soon. Till the next post, happy hunting!

What is it with these things? Is it swan season or something? Wait. Are those ducks? Bah. Well at least there’s dinner for Dag..

5 responses to “23rd March : A Year of LOTRO

  1. Grats! It’s been about 1 year for me as well. I bought Angmar for Runamuck, I’m sure you will really enjoy the zone, tons of content there.

    • Thanks Runa! Congratulations to you as well then! A year seems a long time to be involved with a game so closely, but it’s been fun 😉 Now don’t be hogging ME3 all May long!

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