Forget Cookies, We’ve Got Swanzilla

Well everyone gets it in the end. The picture of the awesome huge yard decoration you’re about to see can be obtained by finishing the first few preliminary quests of the new epic books I believe. A huge thanks goes out to our kin’s resident healer, Whap, for contributing the Swanzilla to our kin house!

Runa, Adon and Adhrean Atop the Swan Fountain

A few of us headed back to the kin house to check it out, and I gotta say it’s a majestic piece of yard decoration.  It adds a new sparkle to our yard, due to our kin house being Elven themed and all. Definitely a nice touch. On a side note, I’ll be using pictures sparingly in future blog posts, due to storage issues ( I’m not going to pay for extra storage, no sir. Flickr has already pissed me off today).  And that’s all folks, I just wanted to show off. Lol.

The Celebratory Dancing On Fire

PS, one of the perks of being the leader of this band of mercenaries is the freedom to have unlimited mud baths. Does the skin good, you know?

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