Ezekiah And Courtriel

Here’s a shout out to a couple of new found friends on the Riddermark that I made last week.  Thank you guys so much! Not many would have taken a fresh 75 Warden into a Tier 2 instance for the first time. But they guided Dagenath all the way to the end, and we eventually beat the Tier 2 challenge for Dragnakh Unleashed! In many ways, this is such a strong point that LOTRO is a great game with many great players who are always willing to help those around them.

Half-Orc Sentry fires make me look good.

It started with me finishing up some of the repeatable quests in Nan Curunir when an ad came up on glff, looking for a third member to run Dragnakh T2. I decided to give it a shot, but I made sure to mention that it was my first time and I could use any form of guidance. Both Eze and Court were kind enough to accept me in, and off we went. Ezekiah was tanking( and he’s one awesome Warden ), so I retraited Dagenath for DPS. Courtiel’s healing was superb throughout, as we made our way through the instance.

Just before the first boss

Low and behold, Dragnakh himself.

The challenge was incredibly hard, and it did throw us off somewhat. Facing the troll at the end, I had just had to stand in a corner and look on as Eze took a heck of a beating , as we waited for the the ceiling to cave in on Drag. It took us a few tries, but the troll eventually turned to stone, and we heaved a sigh of relief. Time for the loot! And this is the part where I feel both guilty and extremely happy at the same time. Why? Well I rolled and won a Worn Symbol of Celebrimbor for one of the chests!

Poof. You're a stoner, Drag.

The Worn Symbol of Celebrimbor that I won

I do feel guilty though, being the new guy who stole the best present from the chest. 😉 Anyway, Ezekiah and Courtiel, if either of you ever stumble on this post, once again, I owe you two a lot so my thanks goes out to you folks!

With that symbol, Dagenath has gotten his 75 Reforged Second Age Spear. Very pleased about that as the legacies were good and it feels great going back to a spear, having used swords for the better half of the last 40 levels. Bleeds rule. That’s it for now, more adventures to follow!

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