Embracing The Warden 2.0

Can you feel it? From the tip of our spears, to the spines of our shields, change is coming and coming big for Wardens with Update 6. Which as it so happens, has just gone live.  I’ve just about managed to pull away from my pile of academic assignments and launched the LOTRO launcher to patch with the hopes of getting some game time before the break of dawn. Here’s a toast to a successful update, a spectacular new region with tons of memorable and enjoyable quests, and a thumping good time for all LOTRO players out there with their respective classes.

But what I really wanted to talk about here was the changes to the Warden.  I haven’t had the time to hop on to Bullroarer and play around, so I have been relying heavily on the forums and other Warden experts to get my source of information. Now when it comes to updates especially about the Warden, there’s only one person I look to, and that is Josh, Mr. Docholiday at docholidaymmo.com.

In his latest post, he has compiled pretty much some solid information of the changes to the Warden class from the forums, posted by players who have spent enough time testing the new changes. Go ahead and read up on them, some extra information besides the patch notes always helps. Click here.

Now, my personal thoughts about the Warden. I started playing the class when almost every other veteran out there had shelved theirs, during the Rise of Isengard season. It is broken, they said. Unable to tank, they said. I took it all in with a pinch of salt and played through the content my way. Dagenath is now 75 ( more on him and his adventures through Dunland, to be continued in future posts.), and has tanked end game content regularly. Yes I find myself vulnerable to critical boss hits, often getting one shotted, but I draw the line at pure bad luck. The lesson that I learned was to improvise my role in groups and my play stlye, as a hybrid tank. I experimented with trait lines and gear that suited the situation, often resulting in a desired effect that I wanted. Other players that have Warden alts have complimented me for sticking and persevering with the class, while finding my own way to play it when others simply could not. I appreciated that. With the current changes, I see the Warden being able to get into groups more with our new secondary role of ranged DPS. How effective will we be, I have not a clue but we can hope for the best. We might not have gotten the tanking changes that we wanted, but we have other ways of getting by. We have already survived this long even with the ‘broken class’ tag, so what’s a few more months of waiting for that big mitigation update eh? Trust me, this update will make you feel excited, as if you were learning how to play a new class. I for one, am excited. I only ask my fellow Wardens of Middle Earth to have patience and trust the Dev, Orion on getting us back into the front lines with our shield brothers.

As for new Wardens out there, here’s some advice. First and foremost, if you’re having second thoughts about starting a Warden, banish that thought. It’s such a fun and challenging class to play. We definitely can tank when it matters, you just need to be alert and have a good understanding of your class and your role in a group. Everything that comes after will be much easier.

So moving on, now that Update 6 is live, here are my final thoughts.

1. Pleased that the price of the Quest Pack is cheaper than I expected, at 795 TP

2. Disappointed that Skirmish Soldiers on the landscape requires an hourly summoning token that must be purchased from the store of bartered with medallions.

3. Disappointed that the Barter Wallet is a store purchase, and at a thumping price too.

4. Interested in the reward changes and added options to the Instance Finder, I will be using that more often for the bonus rewards now.

I guess that about sums it up for now, as patching is over and I can’t wait to head in game and play around with my Warden changes. Farewell for now!

2 responses to “Embracing The Warden 2.0

  1. Thanks for the link 🙂 Overall good thoughts there and I pretty much agree across the board. Although I will admit the first thing I did when I logged on was get the new wallet. It is just way too handy, so yes I am one of those people.

    • You’re welcome Doc, and thanks for dropping by =) And I totally understand getting the wallet, I plan to get it myself in the coming weeks as it really is convenient and will free up tons of space for me. I was just disappointed about how much it costs, even the new region is cheaper 😉 Anyway, good to see your thoughts post update 6 on the Lore Master, I’m waiting to hear about you think of the warden now. =)

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