Because Tuesday Seemed Like A Good Day To Party And Get Fat.

..But it’s Friday noon, there was no party and yeah, tell me something I don’t know about getting fat. =p

Oh and by the way, this will officially be my first sneaky post from work. It’s my last day here, so why not eh.

So I logged in on Wednesday night, and to my surprise I found out that I had won the lottery with the name of, well refer to post title. Most interesting. I won this lottery on both Adhrean and Dagenath, so i’m pretty sure the winning rate was very high and most people have won it. The winnings are as follows :

Gold, ale, and fireworks. Not to mention a half-stack of funky pipe-weed too, which I unfortunately did not take a screenshot of. So, who’s ready to party? And I also found out that setting off the fireworks uncovers a hidden firework deed, which when completed awards you with an anniversary token. Nice, Turbine.

On to other matters, the Buried Treasure event will be making it’s return this weekend. I’m guessing that some issues with the event has been fixed, and I have a mind to log in when it launches to see what’s new and fixed. Will I be spending hours grinding for picks and competing with tons of other players for huge caches? No, but I just want to get in there and spend my tokens at the vendor. The Cave Claw house pet looks very tempting to be honest.

Thus, it’s back to work now. I might try to sneak another post about what happened in game last night(boss is out for a meeting). See you folks soon.

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