The Great River Random Chatter

Wasn’t expecting this. Here I thought I’d come home from work and just de-stress by hopping on to Lotro for a couple of hours and maybe run a Fangorn or two..but alas, it’s server maintenance day. So here I am killing time by posting my touch-and-go thoughts about the upcoming Update 6, which should be just around the corner. Update 6 sees a new region open to players, The Great River, more commonly known as Anduin. Remember, VIP’s get the region for free. F2P and Premium folks can access the area, but will need to purchase the questpack from the store to be able to obtain quests, deeds and the lot.

Anyway, a little bit info about The Great River. For one, it was the longest river in the Third Age according to Prof Tolkien. It ran from streams atop the Grey and Misty Mountains all the way south into Belegaer, the Great Sea. To give you folks a better idea, here’s a decent picture I found of Anduin on the Lotr Wikia.

Anduin. Photo Credits :

Enough about the place. Let’s see what’s coming with the place shall we?

LOTRO Update 6 The Great River

Love the beard, mate. I have to question the color choice of the robe on the Lore Master though. He looks like a – oh my thoughts on the update, right. So from a PVE point of view, let’s look at it bit by bit.

First and foremost, the epic story continues as ever in this update, and I am genuinely excited to see what Turbine’s writers have cooked up this time. I won’t lie, RoI and Update 5 were great story wise. I am really impressed, and I’m sure I am not the only one. Although I have yet to take either Adhrean or Dagenath through the Update 5 story arcs fully, I have heard from those around me that it is perfectly set up for what lies ahead in The Great River. Plenty of time for me to be there when it hits then.

I feel that Turbine needs to get the landscape right in this update. Scenery, landscape scale, art details etc. I wonder if this update will be the biggest and most challenging one to do for them simply because they have to work by the river mostly. Water, river bank and some forest is not a whole lot to work with, but my confidence is with Turbine. Trust them to come up with the pretty. Now I just hope my graphic card can handle this in Ultra settings. Speaking of which, I’ll need to decide on my new gaming laptop real fast in time for the launch of the update (or GW2/ME3/The Secret World). And not to forget, I as a player would like to see in detail and accuracy the landmarks in the books brought to life here. Wonder if we’ll get to visit the scene of ‘The Departure of Boromir’. Got my fingers crossed. Trivia : That was the scene that made me tear up in the movies.

Now about the skirmish soldier tagging along for the ride in this region. I’ve got mixed feelings about this one. The positive note would be that yes, I’d love to get some extra heals from my herbalists on both my Warden and Champ. Saves time building HoT’s and wasting potions.  However part of me is unsure about the balance in that. Say, a Captain has his herald out and proceeds to summon his skirmish soldier. Or, an LM has the bear companion out, tanking with it’s face. And then, she proceeds to summon a herbalist. She gets a tank and a healer! Unsignificant maybe, but in solo content that might make things go a hell of a lot easier now wouldn’t it. I’d say it will be balanced IF, the solo content is to be much much harder than anything we’ve seen yet. Now that is a tasty treat and one that I can live with I suppose.

Another pointer we see on the loading screen up there is the bonuses obtained when using the Instance Finder. Well well. I’ve only ever used it once to get into a skirm, and it took me 30 minutes to get slotted into a group and best of all it chucked me into The Siege of Gondamon. How lovely. Never used it ever since, so for those of you who like the idea of getting a bit more extra marks, seals and medallions, go ahead and use the I.F all you like!

Concluding this plate of thoughts, we now head into the topic that I know the least about, PVMP. With Update 6, all I know is that the currency in pvmp will be changing to something call ‘Commendations’. And that about wraps it. Sorry guys, don’t know enough about pvmp to comment. I’m mostly a Premium player that plays almost exclusively on pve. =) For more info on the pvmp changes, read on about them Here.

Ahh and wouldn’t you know it. It’s 10.40pm and the servers are back up. Happy hunting you lot!

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