Buried Treasure Event, Buried.

Well hello everyone, I’ve been meaning to publish a couple of posts over the last week but have not found the time thanks to work, so I guess I owe this dull Sunday afternoon a huge thanks. This marks the first of a couple of quickfire posts.

Last Monday after the servers were brought down, the Buried Treasure event went live.  Having missed out on the test event a month or so back, I jumped straight at the chance of digging meself some treasure. Oh boy. Reaching the dig site in Ered Luin, I was greeted by 3/4 of my server’s population, and the lag that came with it. There were several layers, but I was unlucky to get into a heavy traffic one.  As for the event itself? Well for the most part, it was fresh, fun, and it gave me that same old excitement of finding something rare to collect. I had my eyes on the treasure mounts and the emotes..but, I got no mounts, a large number of tokens, a few cosmetics, a couple of housing decorations and some fancy emotes =)

Since the event is over, I guess I’ll just be happy with what I’ve got. Pretty sure the event will be back in the near future, because 2 days is just too short for casual players that don’t get to play during weekdays, to take part in. Furthermore, I hope Turbine improves some of the little things from the event, like the hungry cave claw quest. The quest requires you to go around the dig site to collect 5 berries from berry bushes in return for 2 treasure picks, a cave claw and a dowsing gem. The problem here is, the berry bushes are snapped up as soon as they spawn by a dozen other players on the same quest, and they do not respawn until the next round or a couple of rounds later. Although rounds can be as short at 30 seconds, this makes it still  extremely frustrating to do on a packed layer. Hopefully, they’ll also increase the drop rate of mounts in the huge dig sites from 10% to 15%, because I just find it to be to rare. Out of 4 huge chests that I dug up, 4/4 contained tokens. Just, tokens. I wasn’t too pleased about that, but I guess I was in the heat of the moment 😉

For those who missed the Buried Treasure event completely and want to know more about it before the next event comes around, check out this great guide by Ketani on CSTM.

To end the post, here are pictures of the emotes I’ve dug up from the event. Hope the rest of you have had better luck with your treasure hunts than I have, cheers!

Adhrean performing /inspectgem

Haffleheim performing /coinflip

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