Forth Eorlingas! Turbine & WB Announces New Expansion Riders of Rohan

Yeap! You read that right! I’m pretty much shaking with excitement inside as I read through the official announcement here. There is also another forum post about it here!

Huge thanks to Adam of The Khazad Guard for alerting us about the news!

In summary, the Riders of Rohan will be released during the Fall this year, and it’s main features includes :

1.  Levelling to 85!

I thought I was gonna stay 75 for awhile, I guess not!

2. Mounted Combat!

Durin’s beard! Read that again. Mounted combat! Finally it’s here! According to the posts, players will get War Steeds which can be customized in terms of armour and skills. We would be facing Warg Riders in the plains of Rohan it seems. Heh. Easy.

3. Option to bring Skirmish Soldiers with you in your adventures throughout Middle Earth!

Finally, my beloved Herbalists can heal me outside of Skirmishes!

4. The new expansion is said to be very huge,twice the size of Moria!

Well, I’m sure there might have been something I missed but please do check out the links for yourself if you want to know more, I’m sure more exciting news will be revealed as time goes on. Again, I’m so stoked for this! Woohoo

/cheer x100

5 responses to “Forth Eorlingas! Turbine & WB Announces New Expansion Riders of Rohan

  1. Cheers for the nod, it is very cool isn’t it. I have no doubt there will be more store and communication doom and gloom to come this year, but for now this has been a little silver lining!

    • I see what you mean there mate, but for me personally the store and whatever it churns out to try and make money off players will not affect me, my game-play and my sense of LOTRO exploration and adventure. I’m with you there, this is going to be a pretty significant silver lining and I hope it brings back some of the old players too!

  2. As pumped as I’ve always been about fighting on horseback – I can’t wait to have my Skirmish Tank with me at all times!

    • =) Likewise mate! Though in my case, I play a Champ and a Warden who uses Herbalists. I really hope bringing the skirmish soldier out into the plains of Rohan wouldn’t be as buggy as it is sometimes in skirmishes. I remember all too well how my Herbalists would be bugged at the worst times during a skirmish, often failing to heal or provide power and just be stuck at the back, admiring the combat from afar. Lol. Hope we have none of that! Also hoping we could deck out our skirmish soldier and ourselves in some Rohirrim cosmetics, wouldn’t that be nice!

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