Buying Turbine Points From Malaysia Using Your Mobile Phone

This is a guide on how Malaysians can purchase Turbine Points, specifically for those who do not own or want to use a credit card to make the purchases.  Boku has teamed up with Turbine to allow you to make convenient buys through your mobile phone and all that is required is your phone number. Below are the steps to show you where to find the Boku payment option. Please note that payment is deducted from your mobile prepaid credit amount, so select your purchases according to how much balance you have left, as deduction of funds is immediate.


Open up the LOTRO Store and select the Add Points button.


Simply click Buy on either of the options as it takes you to a new page with more options.


Look for the More Payment Methods button at the bottom right section.


You have arrived at Boku's payment options. Select the one you want.


Once at this screen, just type in your mobile number and wait for a confirmation text message from Boku.

Once you have inserted and submitted your mobile number, you should receive a text message from Boku containing a password/confirmation code. Use that password/combination code on the next screen on the LOTRO Store to finalize the purchase and the Turbine Points should be in your inventory shortly after.

I hope this guide helps  any stranded Malaysians out there, as I myself struggled to find alternative options to pay for for Turbine Points when I first started out.  Cheers everyone.

4 responses to “Buying Turbine Points From Malaysia Using Your Mobile Phone

  1. Waw, I didn’t know you can purchase Turbine Points using BOKU. That is great! Thanks a lot for this awesome guide.

  2. Can we buy some other stuff in the store, like quest packs and random goodies with Boku as well? Might as well ask about it in case I missed out.

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