Of Mounted Emotes, Applications of Coveritol and Poop Luck

When Turbine first announced that mounted emotes were coming out, I was naturally buzzing with excitement. I’m a fan of the idea, and loved the thought of what I could do with them during my role-play sessions. I’ve seen a few videos of them, and I liked the bow and rear-up ones. Well with Turbine, there’s always a catch unfortunately. It’s a store exclusive. This annoys me so much because, being a premium player ( due to me being a student with a lack of an income, a credit card and a Walmart that sells Turbine Point cards), there is no way I can see myself spending RM50 on a mobile reload just for 440 Turbine Points, and goodness even knows how much these mounted emotes could cost. Bummer. To rub salt into my already nasty weekend, there were a TON of lotteries and flash lotteries to win these mounted emotes, and out of the 10 of them, I’ve won NONE. Some of the lotteries also include winning some TP and the Skeleton Horse, and of course as usual, my luck is poop. So I’m just blowing off some steam here.


On the bright side, I’ve found my favorite consumable during the festival, and it’s the Applications of Coveritol. It’s so hilariously funny watching the outcome and I am addicted. I’ve got about 120+ in my inventory at the moment, and am planning to make it a permanent skill by getting enough to reach 300 uses. I was so amused with some of the results that I actually took screenshots. Credits and thanks to all players on the Riddermark for letting me feature your modified faces =P





Yeah I wished there were more, but I noticed that these were the more prominent ones. A bunch of bag-heads and facial hair removal. Fun fun fun. Hope more are introduced in next year’s fest.

On to other happy matters, Adhean(Riddermark) has finally gotten his last piece of the four-piece Relentless Fighter armour set. After endlessly running the Great Barrows, School/Library and numerous raid skirmishes with other friendly 75ers of the Riddermark, I have achieved the goal that I set myself to accomplishe by December..early. My might and melee offence stats are off the charts right now, which is really pleasing. Did I also mention that the armour set looks awesome? Very cool. Adhrean will be pretty darn effective now, burning mobs up real quick.

Adhrean looking very pleased about being clad in his Relentless Fighter armour

So now that Adh is all decked out, he’s got nothing much to do really, other than patrol Bree and wait for a PUG to go dragon hunting. I’m currently working on the Warden Dagenath, who has just reached level  53. He’s plowing through Vol 1, Book 13 at the moment, and he frankly hates it due to all that running around Eriador. Adhrean II on Landroval, who is my other Warden at level 16 is also getting some work done, finishing up quests in and around Bree before moving on to the Lone Lands and/or the North Downs. Also, he recently became a member of The Sons of Numenor. Let’s see how things work out. Till the next post, cheers all!

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