Patience Is My Favorite Virtue But I’m A Good Liar.


Four characters, two servers, a full week of trying, and still no Skeleton Mount from the Haunted Burrow! Most of my server friends are already showing off their horses and ponies and rubbing it in my face.  I think I’ve been patient and determined so far, pausing all questing and leveling, logging in daily to check that cursed chest only to get consumables, more tokens and that blasted haunted tree! (Adhrean has 12 Haunted Trees from looting the chest.) I’m beginning to wonder if my luck has run out, and if I’ll ever get that horse this year. I really hope I do though, keeping my fingers crossed while my patience bar has 10% of juice left!

Adhrean all sad gloomy after a week of trying

Anyway, I was blog hopping the other day and stumbled upon Jacquotte’s blog, and under the Lotro category, I found this! It’s a beautiful custom UI called the Elven Adventuress, and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Within minutes, it was already downloaded and inserted in to the appropriate folders. It looks gorgeous in game and works perfectly well, so I guess a huge thanks and cheers to Jacquotte for coming up with this! For those of you who are interested to download it, click here. Anyway, screenshots of the UI below, and there’s more in the links above to convince you to download!

ElvenAdventuress Screenshot 1

ElvenAdventuress Screenshot 2

Gorgeous eh? There’s just something about the glimmering of the color gold that gets me. Heh. So while I wait for the cooldown on that blasted chest to expire, I shall go watch a couple of motivation videos on perseverance.  Cheers everyone

4 responses to “Patience Is My Favorite Virtue But I’m A Good Liar.

  1. Hi Adrian 🙂 that looks really nice, and it’s so inspiring to see players using this after all the work that went in to it! Thanks for the pics, link, and kind words. I just wanted to say don’t forget you can go into your Options – UI Settings and fix your toolbar buttons. Assigning Bag 1 to all toolbar left buttons will make those floating ones go away, and then you can assign toolbar right 4-7 to whatever you want. I should make that more clear in the UI notes.

    Enjoying your blog and writing. ~ J

    • Pleasure is all mine! =) It’s great to know that there’s someone out there in the LOTRO community who creates these wonderful additions to the game that enhances our gaming experience. I for one hope you won’t stop here and will continue to create new amazing stuff, will be looking forward to it! Also, thanks for the toolbar and bag fix tips, I missed that one out and will add it to the post! Cheers!

  2. Any luck ith the skeleton mount yet?? I got one last year, and haven’t really tried this year.

    I like the look of that UI skin too – I think I’ll download it myself from Jacquotte’s site!

    • Unfortunately I still haven’t gotten that mount. My luck is seriously bad, I’ve been logging in with all my four toons daily to attack the chest, but I’m losing hope fast lol . Anyway, I wished I was around last year, that could have given me a year’s headstart on the horse 😉 Anyway, yes Jacquotte’s UI skin is awesome! I hope she comes out with a Dwarf themed UI someday, that might appeal to you eh? =)

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