Updates Galore, Fall Festival 2011 Has Arrived!

Hello again folks! I hope the week has been kind to all and that everyone has managed to clog in some decent LOTRO time.  Plenty of happenings to keep the community buzzing of course, and to begin with, the forums are back online, with a backlash of worried gamers demanding answers from the devs on the situation. Well, here are the links to the official discussion thread of the security issue, and an FAQ of the issue posted by Sapience. Read on if you are among the gamers that have been left out in the dark and want to have your questions answered. Upon reading posts from posters in the official thread ( rage, QQ, more rage, the occasional comedy relief ) and then later the FAQ, I guess it’s safe to conclude that my account will be safe. However, the way that Turbine handled the situation was just disgusting. I won’t elaborate, go on and read the thread.

Moving on, this year’s Fall Fest has arrived! Having joined LOTRO in late March this year,  I’ve been privileged enough to have taken part in the festivals that followed, namely the Spring and Summer Festivals, and I’ve enjoyed it. Everything about festivals makes me happy. From earning new mounts ( I think I have a mount-collecting syndrome.  My main toon has 18 now I believe. ), to collecting cosmetics,titles, deeds and taking part in fun games that rewards us with some quirky consumables, it definitely takes the robotic sequence of quest-hack-slash away for a few weeks, which is always a welcome change to me. Having managed to log in yesterday for a couple of hours to explore what the Fall festival had to offer, I was thrilled to discover the new Autumnfest mount, the Haunted Burrow, and cosmetics such as cloaks and masks that I’ve caught glimpses of and marked them down as targets. And here I am, 24 hours later, a proud owner of both the Fall horses and my cloak and mask of the raven!

Adhrean on his new Sable Harvestmath horse

Adhrean riding his new Autumnfest Horse ft. Dusk Scavenger Wolf

I achieved this thanks to stocking up on Badges of Dishonor, which you receive upon completing dailies from the Ale Association during the fests. One Badge of Dishonor trades for 3 Festival Tokens, so this made collecting tokens a breeze. As for the horse race tokens, I am sort of an expert at the race, so that’s that. =P

Cloak of the Raven

Mask of the Raven

So there they are, the cosmetics that I’ve been dreaming to get for Adhrean, and now he pretty much looks exactly like how I’ve always wanted him to look like ; BadA**.  Since the Fall fest will be here till the 7th of November, I definitely will be spending more time getting tokens for the rest of the stuff that I find interesting, house decorations and what not. The Haunted Burrow is also something I’ve yet to explore fully, and I’m looking forward to doing that this weekend!

Spoiler Alerts! Below are some spoilers from the festival that some players might not want to read, if you fancy discovering interesting things and happenings during the festival on your own. But if you want to, read on!

– The main reason for my interest in the Haunted Burrow is a treasure chest that is said to be located in the basement, that has a small chance of dropping a rare skeletal design horse! The chest has a cooldown of 24 hours, so have your toons check it daily for a better chance at the horse!

– For those of you who want a complete guide to the quests/rewards during the Fall fest, look no further! My heroes at http://www.casualstrolltomordor.com/ have compiled a guide based on last year’s festival! The guide even includes sub-guides to the Ale Association and the Inn League! Go on, procede to the guide right Here, you know you want to.

So that about concludes this brief update, more to follow over the weekend, where I shall be taking my Warden Dagenath deeper into Moria, and Adhrean into the Haunted Burrow! Cheers and enjoy the festival folks!

4 responses to “Updates Galore, Fall Festival 2011 Has Arrived!

  1. Love finding LotRO blogs! The Haunted Burrow frustrated me to no end until I understood the layout and which doors went where. Love it now.

    Hope to be starting Moria soon on my hunter but need to finish working her deeds first. I always love starting Moria but must admit, I’m more than ready to leave for the trees of Lothlorien once I’m done. Have fun!

  2. Thanks for dropping by! And I’ve entered Moria with two toons already and I’m amazed I’m not sick of the place yet. Anyway, all the best getting those deeds done on your hunter and hope to see more posts on the Flaming Bard! Cheers

  3. Hello! I just came across this blog post after googling for the raven mask. Wow, that outfit is en pointe. I really want to know what the other items are, especially the vest. Cheers!

    • Hi there! Thanks for the comment. The rest of the outfit are from the Rise of Isengard. The hands, feet and leggings are the Champion’s armor set from Galtrev, part of the The Relentless Fighter set (level 75). The sleeveless vest is from the epic quest reward for completing the prisoner of Nan Curunir quest chain I believe. Apologies if this is incorrect, it’s been almost 4 years. =)

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