A Free Shot at winning a Symbol of the Elder King!

So pre-RoI, this would have been such a big deal compared to now. Crafted level 75 2nd Age LI’s now require a Worn Symbol of Celebrimbor, and it’s as equally rare as the S.E.K, only dropping consistently in T2 in raid chests. I’m far from getting one, so finding out that there is currently a lottery going on that could have your higher level characters win a rare symbol is a pretty pleasant surprise. Here is a picture of the lottery.

Now the name of the lottery says ‘ The Elder King’s Gift to Champions’, and I wonder if this particular lottery is class restricted. That would seem unfair, so I do hope it’s not. Another of my concerns is that IF I do happen to win the symbol, will it be bound to my character? As I’m already level 75, the S.E.K would do little to improve my current arsenal of LI’s, and I would much rather hand it down to my level 51 Warden, who could use the symbol to make a nice 65 First Age spear or sword when the time comes. If anyone knows anything about this, do drop a comment.

Moving on, the Fellowship Walk party on Landroval last night hosted by CSTM was a blast to partake in. I enjoyed the music by the Lonely Mountain Band, and the large crowd that gathered at the Last Bridge were fun and friendly. I’ll dedicate a full post to that sometime soon with pictures and a video, but I just want to say that I will definitely end up in Landroval again for more community driven events, it’s just too much fun to pass up! Before I end this post, here’s an interesting Auction posting I found.

For 57 chunks of Ancient Iron Ore, the bidding price seems a little high in my opinion. But it can’t beat that buyout price baby! Well till the next post, safe travels in Middle-Earth, Freeps!

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