Getting ready for CSTM’S Fellowship Walk In-Game Concert!

At the Last Bridge

As you can see, my toon on Landroval also named Adhrean ( a level 8 Man Warden), has successfuly reached the Last Bridge, located far east towards the end of Talath Gaun and just at the border of the Trollshaws. Adhrean on Landy was created primarily to join all the wonderful community events on the server. I do promise to one day level a character to cap on Landroval, and Adhrean may just be the one.

Now on to the event it self. CSTM has an ongoing charity event called The Fellowship Walk for Child’s Play, which raises funds for charities. The fellowship walk, which started in The Shire, has already made it’s way to the Last Bridge. ( The fellowship, led by CSTM’s Goldenstar and Merric ventures to another destination due eastwards every time the donation reaches a milestone amount.) An hour from now however, there will be an in-game concert at the Last Bridge to celebrate the Fellowship’s Walk, and that’s exactly what I’m doing there, joining in the party. I will be taking plenty of screenshots for the community and will be uploading them into my Flickr account. All players are welcomed to join this event!

For more information about how you can help and donate to the Child’s Play Charity from CSTM, visit here.

For more information on the event later at 4am (4pm GMT-4 for you Americanos), visit here.

Cheers everyone, and I do hope to see plenty of people in-game later!

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