Greetings everyone! As the name of the blog should tell you, I’m Adrian, a Malaysian hardcore LOTRO player and Tolkien fan, starting his own blog about LOTRO and the adventures of his characters in middle-earth.

So let’s get to the introductions. I started LOTRO during it’s free 14 day trial era, in the summer of 2009. I was impressed with the game, and when I heard it went Free To Play early this year, I wasted no time. I usually play on the Riddermark server ( I have an obsession with everything Rohirric related ) and my main toon is a level 75 Champion named Adhrean Black. He is the leader of the Black Veil Mercenaries, a small yet laid back and fun kin. I also have a level 51 Warden by the name of Dagenath Blackspear. This blog will focus primarily on their adventures and journeys, their class, and about everything Riddermark and LOTRO. So I do hope you’ll enjoy my future posts. Cheers.

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